An email and phone verification API. Free users from the hassle of logins and passwords.

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Supported Countries (Mobile)
The Americas
+1USA / Canada
+27South Africa
+420Czech Republic
+44United Kingdom
Eurasia / Asia / Oceania
+852Hong Kong
4391 zyps and counting

What is ZypCreds?

noun [zip-kredz]
  • A quick method of verifying phones and emails.
  • An alternate to the traditional login password combo.
  • Easy; Painless; Intuitive;
  • Friggen' awesome.

1. To verify, we send a secret code, like 123456 to the index.
y ....123456..... " or %

2. User enters that code at your website.
123456 submit

3. Profit!
Use this verification as you would a successful login, complete with correct login & password.
Manage sessions, create cookies, grant super powers admin privileges.

Account Types

Check out what each account type can do and sign up for our pre-releases!

Free : coming soon

The free offerring is email-verification only.

PriceFree Email Verifications100/month
SMS VerificationsNone WhitelistRequired - Indexes only

Alpha : request an invite today!

Our first formal offering. As a token of our appreciation to our testers, the alpha will be 100% free.

PriceFree, even text messages! Email Verifications400/month
SMS Verifications400/month - +1 only (USA/CAN) WhitelistRequired - Indexes only

Beta : see what's to come

As we near our initial release, we'll add international support, IVR verification, and other features.

Price Pay per text ( varies by country ) Email Verifications1000/month
SMS VerificationsInternational & 2000/month IVR VerificationsInternational - English Only
Multiple apps Up to 5 applications Whitelists & Blacklists IPs, Indexes, and Countries

API & Examples

Our RESTful APIs will have you ready to rock in seconds.
Two quick API calls; that's all it takes.

#1 - Request verification
URI: http://api.zypcreds.com/verify
PARAMS: index - ip
RESPONSE: xml / json
  • Accepts "unformatted" phone numbers.
  • Scalable alpha-numeric code length (default 6)**
  • Personalized verification messages**
  • Scalable verification window (default 30mins)**

** feature is not fully implemented
#2 - Verify user's code.
URI: http://api.zypcreds.com/verify
PARAMS: index - code - ip
RESPONSE: xml / json
  • Codes only work with source application
  • Code only works once
  • Returns a verification token, for managing sessions

** feature is not fully implemented
#3 - Token Validation.
URI: http://api.zypcreds.com/token
PARAMS: index - token - ip
RESPONSE: xml / json
  • Optional - you can use your own token/session management tool.
  • Code only works once**

** feature is not fully implemented

With a library, it's even easier than pie.
Here's a quick code example using our PHP library.

# Request a verification be sent to an index.
$x = new ZypCredsREST( $your_api_id, $your_api_key );
$x->request_verification( $index_to_verify );
return $x->result_bool;

# Verify a code provided by user
$x = new ZypCredsREST( $your_api_id, $your_api_key );
$x->verify_code( $index_to_verify, $code_from_user );
return $x->result_bool;